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Legendary DJ's was started Feb 27th 2018. Its been a life long passion to play music with my family and friends. Being able to fine tune my skills and share them with you is even more thrilling. 

I have had the opportunity to DJ in some exciting locations and for some prestigious individuals. With me you will get someone who really loves music and loves the DJ lifestyle. Customer service will always be my top asset when it comes to my customers or people who are inquiring about services.  Since I service the East TN area, I am well suited to serve just about any type of event or wedding you desire. From Country, to Hip Hop, to Bachata and other Latin genres. 

If you are looking for a DJ to just stand around and play a playlist, then I am not your guy. I am a DJ with a lot of energy and passion. If is not uncommon to see my dancing and lip-singing as I turn up the dancefloor!


From the top quality equipment to the immaculate services I provide, Legendary DJs will ensure that your function will be the best ever!!  


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